Tired of writing leaflets

for your patients? Then STOP and just rebrand ours!

New for 2019!

Your Brand, Our Content

  • Save time not having to write the content yourself
  • Take advantage of an extremely cost-effective marketing tool
  • All the content is regularly peer-reviewed
  • Builds authority and establishes trust 
  • Presents a highly professional appearance to your clients  while also adding value
  • New client resources added every month
  • Unlimited number of downloads/print outs
  • The end result looks like YOU produced it
  • And all this for just £10 per month
  • Wow your clients with 120+ (and growing) rebrandable patient/client advice leaflets, exercise sheets and newsletters

How Do I Get It?

  1. Make sure you have a content subscription (you can get one here)
  2. Purchase the Branding Upgrade subscription (below or at the link above)
  3. Jump into the Patient Information Resource area and get rebranding!

Result = a bunch of happy and super-impressed customers :-) and some great marketing material for your business which you haven't had to spend time creating!

Click the magnifying glass to see a close-up of each banner

What Does It Look Like?

What Can I Do With The Content?

Anything you like, but here are some ideas....

  1. OK let's start with a simple one....Print it out (or have it professionally printed) and give it to clients
  2. Put a selection of them on literature displays  in your waiting room
  3. Send them by email to clients or...
  4. Post them to clients you haven't seen in a while
  5. Share them with local businesses who may have related (but non-competing) services or products (ideas include sport and fitness shops, health food shops, GP surgeries etc.)
  6. Got a local magazine? Why not offer them some of the material to include in their publications
  7. Notice board in a local shop? If so, pin some on there so people can take a copy
  8. Distribute them at local events or meetings
  9. Organise a presentation or seminar and hand them out as supplementary material
  10. Find a nearby gym without a linked therapy service, and offer them copies to distribute

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone upgrade or do I need a subscription?

Anyone can purchase the Upgrade, BUT in order to  get best use of it, you need to have a content subscription that includes the patient information resources.

OK, so which subscriptions include rebrandable content?

Our patient/client leaflets and newsletters are included under ALL our current subscriptions. So if you have a subscription to the Full Site, Physical Therapy or Manual/Massage Therapy sections, you'll have access to all the rebrandable content currently available :-)

Can I rebrand content if I have an existing subscription?

You most certainly can, as long as you've purchased the upgrade. You won't be able to rebrand content under your existing subscription without the Branding Upgrade.

Am I tied into the upgrade subscription?

No. As with ALL our subscriptions, there's no contract. It works on an automatic rolling monthly renewal. You can cancel at any time.

Will it affect the cost of my other subscriptions?

Nope. It's totally separate to your other subscriptions so if you decide to change to a different content plan ie. move from say Massage Therapy to a full site subscription, or vice versa for example, your branding upgrade will stay with you and won't be affected.

Can I see the content that's available for me to rebrand?

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"I just wanted to say that I am very much enjoying the Co-Kinetic publication. The contents are stimulating, cutting-edge and of great benefit to both me and my patients."

Dr W Mackay

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Julie, Osteopath, UK

“Thank you for all that you do to put together the learning content, access to marketing materials and the patient resources. It's brilliant to have such support as Co-Kinetic in the background, walking with me on this BIG journey :)"


Massage Therapist, Australia

"Awesome marketing kits and business growth resources". 


Physical Therapist, USA

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