The Co-Kinetic Marketing System Blueprint for Physical Therapists

The Blueprint: has been put together to support subscribers using the Co-Kinetic Marketing System. However, it also outlines a proven marketing strategy that can be used by anyone to win new clients, and it explains in practical terms how to implement this strategy, step-by-step. 

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Guidance on the number of minutes that specific task will take (overestimated for safety)!

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The Co-Kinetic Marketing System: is a package of content and technology, built on a proven marketing strategy, which is specifically designed to help physical therapists attract more clients, and grow their businesses. It a bit like a fajita kit with all the ingredients, cooking utensils and the oven included too!

Step 1: How Hungry are You For New Clients?


I need them SOON ie. next 30 days


I want to start building my customer base strongly as soon as possible


I’d like to add a few more new clients to my monthly schedule


The status quo is fine but I'd like to be able to ramp things up when needed

Decide on Your Conversion Event

Are You Going to Run a Conversion Event?



Purpose:  The degree of your need/hunger for new clients will determine which pathway you take - which description fits best? Click the i icon for more info.

Decide on the Topic of the Co-Kinetic Content Campaign That You Want to Run

Edit Text in Email Autoresponder See Step 2 Below

Step 2: Set Up and Send Your Emails

Do you have a Mailchimp account?



Purpose: Nurturing Existing Email Contacts, Developing Relationships, Building Authority

Have you connected your Mailchimp account to Co-Kinetic?


Import the Pre-Written Mailchimp email into your account

Did you set up a Mailchimp account?



Are you running a Conversion event?



Edit the email text provided to suit your brand/personality and:

Step 1. Send (or schedule) the value-add email to go out to your existing email database 

Step 2. Set up an automated autoresponder for new lead generation sign ups

Connect Mailchimp to Co-Kinetic

Add a short paragraph of text to the email explaining about your conversion event:

  • what it is
  • when it’s happening
  • where it’s taking place 
  • how to sign up (with a link to the sign up page)

Download the Email Text and file and create your email in your email software

TIME SAVER: We have no affiliation with Mailchimp but we are committed to saving you time. Setting up a free Mailchimp account and using our templates is likely to save you at least 30-60 minutes a month.

Step 3: Post the Social Media

Are you using
Co-Kinetic to post your social media?

Purpose: Bring new leads into your business and begin the process of developing these relationships (this is the lifeblood (at this stage) of growing your business)

Are you using the 

Co-Kinetic Lead Collection Pages?

  1. Set up your own email lead collection page
  2. Set up your own lead magnet delivery mechanism



Include your the Personal Campaign URL with every social media post in which you offer the lead magnet in exchange for collecting email addresses



  1. Download the social media from  the Social file in the Campaign Content
  2. Post your social media posts manually using your own scheduling tool

TIME SAVER: If you choose to create your own lead collection pages and schedule your own social media - it's Iikely to take you more than 90 minutes longer than using the Co-Kinetic platform.  This is at least two patient appointments. Be mindful of your time and just make sure this extra time delivers an ROI.

Step 4: PromoteYour Activities

Are you running a conversion event?

Purpose: In addition to the digital marketing content we create on your behalf, we also create print-ready content for you to print yourself or have professionally printed for local distribution

Focus on generating new email leads using the "Lead Generation" Promotional Content

Ideally start a campaign between 30-45 days before running the conversion event:

Step 1: Generate new email leads using the Lead Generation Promotional Material (approx 10-14 days)

Step 2: Generate sign ups to actual conversion event using the relevant Promotional Content Theme ie. Education Seminar or Workshop/

Practical Assessment (approx day 14 onwards)

Step 1: Generate sign ups directly to the conversion event itself using the relevant Promotional Content Theme ie. Education Seminar or Workshop/Practical Assessment

For each of those "themes" we create the following print-ready artwork:

  1. 1. Posters (sizes A1, A3, A4)
  2. Leaflets (A5)
  3. Postcards for people you may have postal addresses for but no email  address (A6)
  4. Facebook ads
  5. Web banner for an email, website or blog

Campaigns Include Promotional Content for Three Themes

  1. Lead Generation (ie. growing your email list)
  2. Running an Educational Presentation/Seminar
  3. Running a Workshop/Practical Assessment



Within 30 days or less?



Does your Conversion event involve a Presentation?



Download the off-the-shelf PowerPoint Presentation provided as part of the campaign and edit to suit your needs

Remember that 'marketing' is just another word for 'relationships'. It's about building trust and utilising your skills to increase the quality of life of the people you serve. The Co-Kinetic Marketing System aims to give you all the tools and resources you need in order to achieve this.


Power Strategies

There are two big benefits to including blog posts on your website:

1. If you include links to your lead magnets in your blog posts - you turn your website into a 24/7 lead generation tool

2. SEO (search engine optimisation) benefits - Google loves good content and will reward you by making your website more findable if you feature it.

This should be one of your next top marketing priorities if you aren't currently able to add new blog posts quickly and easily to your site.


Are you able to add blog posts to your website?


Video is the darling of the internet right now. Google and Facebook are in a turf war to dominate it, so this is a great visibility opportunity.

1. If you don't already have a YouTube channel, it's easy to start one and then keep it fresh by adding our new monthly videos.

2. Embed these videos and playlists on your website to get extra visibility through Google.


Do you have a video channel ie. YouTube?


As many of you will know by now, very few of your Facebook Page followers will see anything you post on Facebook. 

I've written two articles of relevance on this topic:

1. Is Your Facebook Page Officially Dead?

2. Why it's Impossible to Bombard Your Facebook Followers with Too Many Posts

By utilising the targeting offered by Facebook ads can literally super-charge your marketing efforts.


Facebook Advertising


Have the campaign newsletter printed professionally, add your branding and distribute it locally

Hopefully I've demonstrated that marketing doesn't have to be a black art, or even hard for that matter. And even if you don't have a subscription to our service, anyone can still follow this same strategy. But if you would like more info about how the Co-Kinetic Marketing System can help you grow your business, we'd love to help. Just use the buttons below. And there's loads more helpful resources below.

The Co-Kinetic Marketing System in Pictures

Every therapist in business should be doing at the very least, these two levels of activity, regardless of their hunger for new clients

But this is where the magic happens - and it's a perfect strategy for those with a healthy hunger to grow their business

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