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Attract new clients with Co-Kinetic’s Marketing Subscription

Gain access to Co-Kinetic’s suite of marketing kits so that you can attract new customers in a few easy steps

Co-Kinetic’s marketing subscription gives you access to professionally created and regularly updated content marketing kits that include all the materials you need to run campaigns that will help you generate new customers, reward loyal customers and retain lapsed customers. 

FAQs: All the content is copyright free and can be used however and wherever you like. The subscription is a monthly rolling subscription and can be cancelled at any time. All content is peer-reviewed by medical professionals.

Each Marketing Kit Contains

Marketing Subscription

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These kits include pre-made: 

  • Social media text and images
  • Social media videos
  • Email text and images (plus Mailchimp template)
  • Workshop/presentation - ready to go
  • Downloadable documents like articles, rehab leaflets etc
  • Leaflets and postcards
  • Landing page text and images (plus an Instapage template)
  • Step by Step instructions and implementation guides

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