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"I just wanted to say that I am very much enjoying the Co-Kinetic publication. The contents are stimulating, cutting-edge and of great benefit to both me and my patients."

Dr W Mackay

General Practitioner, UK

“Thank you for all that you do to put together the learning content, access to marketing materials and the patient resources. It's brilliant to have such support as Co-Kinetic in the background, walking with me on this BIG journey :)"


Massage Therapist, Australia

"Awesome marketing kits and business growth resources". 


Physical Therapist, USA

“I love Co-Kinetic as a source of information. It's intuitive and practical and the elearning and videos are really helpful additions to the articles.”

Julie, Osteopath, UK

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             Over the years, it's got harder and harder for the people I work with, to fill their diaries. There's a growing number of people offering similar therapy services and let's face it the internet levels out the playing field. Those who are good at marketing build thriving businesses, for those who avoid marketing, the future is less predictable. I realised that for most therapists, marketing is a huge pain, and it rarely gets results.

So I spent 2 years creating a marketing system designed to solve this problem. One that was efficient, effective, and darn near effortless for therapists who’d rather hone their clinical skills and treat patients, than write a blog post or set up a Facebook ad. 

Today, I help physical and manual therapists from around the world to create more ease, efficiency, and profit in their practices— and I’d love to help you do the same. 

Hi, I’m Tor Davies, 

     creator and founder of Co-Kinetic

I've worked in the physical therapy industry for nearly 30 years now, first as a physiotherapist, then as a publisher of a whole range of time-saving resources designed for physical therapists. 

How Co-Kinetic Helps Therapists


Articles with practical, easy-to-implement advice to help you grow your business.


Quizzes and certifications to help you meet your professional development goals.





Highlights from the latest research, to help you keep you on top of industry trends.


Save time and implement a plug-and-play professionally created marketing system that delivers clients on-demand.


Professionally-designed, peer-reviewed patient handouts.


Evidence-based literature reviews packed with practical resources to put the information into practice.


The best content is sent to you every three months, wherever you are in the world (posted free) - included with all subscriptions.

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For most therapists, marketing is practically a curse word. But when you get it right— you’ll no longer lie in bed at night worrying about the future of your business. 

Competition? It won’t phase you. 

And all that time spent taking shots in the dark to market yourself can be used to further your education (or maybe even take a little holiday). 

Learn How to Make Your Marketing Work for You (In Less Than 10-Minutes A Day)

Here at Co-Kinetic, we’re on a mission to help you make sense of your marketing.

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