1. to create awesome marketing material that's ready for you to use immediately, with the specific goal of helping you find new clients
  2. and publish equally awesome clinical education content that will keep you right at the top of your profession


We will save you time and money, and help both you & your business to thrive.

Watch the video below to see how our resources are helping hundreds of physical and manual therapists reclaim hours every week, while growing their businesses, staying up to date with developments in clinical practice AND freeing themselves up to do more of the jobs they love, and less of the ones they hate!

Discover How We Can Give You Back Time in Your Day

Quizzes and certifications to help you meet your professional development goals

Professionally created "off the shelf" marketing campaigns with social media content, to help you find new clients

Key Time-Saving Features

Highlights from the latest research, to help you keep you on top of industry trends

Research Digest

The best content is sent to you every three months, wherever you are in the world (posted free) 

Professionally designed and peer-reviewed patient handouts and exercise guides, to help you serve your clients even better

Client Materials

Marketing Kits


Co-Kinetic Physical Therapy Physical Therapy Journal and Massage Magazine

Articles with practical, easy-to-implement advice, to help you grow your business. 

Printed Magazine

Marketing & Business Development Advice

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And our personal favourites...

"I just wanted to thank you for all that you do to put together the learning content, access to marketing materials and access to other material. It's brilliant to have such support as Co-Kinetic in the background, walking with me on this BIG journey :)"

"Awesome marketing kits and business growth resources". 


Massage Therapist, Australia

"Co-Kinetic is the most energetic and exciting resource for physical and massage therapists out there, by far."

But don't just take our word for it,

this is what some of our customers say...


Physical Therapist, USA


Physiotherapist, UK

"Keep up the great work. You are miles ahead of the rest and a company that cares for bigger things with a great business model to emulate too. Thank you for your inspiration.

"Loving the new marketing kits, they're saving me several hours every week. Brilliant idea :-) 

Thank you."


Physiotherapist, India

I love Co-Kinetic as a source of information. It's intuitive and practical and the elearning and videos are really helpful additions to the articles.


Sports massage therapist, UK


Osteopath, UK

"I just wanted to say that I am very much enjoying the Co-Kinetic publication. The contents are stimulating, cutting-edge and of great benefit to both me and my patients."

Dr W Mackay

General Practitioner, UK

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