Learn how to be the best practitioner that you can be, delivering the most effective patient outcomes, using the very latest evidence base and having total confidence in your skills, 

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Why is Our Content Different?

  • Our mission statement has always been about the practical application of research - a "read it now, use it in an hour" approach
  • When we launched, we called ourselves a journal 18 years ago, mainly because we were peer-reviewed
  • We structured our content specifically for learning

  1. Physical Therapy
  2. Massage Therapy
  • And made it highly visual and interactive for a better learning experience
  • Every piece of content is peer-reviewed and written by practitioners, for practitioners
  • We cover two main clinical areas: 

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Our Content Will Help You Fine-Tune Your Clinical Skills and Wow Your Clients

  • By staying up to date with the latest evidence base
  • Wowing your customers with our fresh, informative, peer-reviewed patient leaflets (printable)
  • Keeping on top of the latest research and current trends
  • And remembering the joy in being able to focus on delivering great patient outcomes, with the most up to date evidence, and relieving people from their physical pain and suffering

And Every Subscription Comes with...

The Co-Kinetic Journal

  • Honestly...seeing is believing
  • It's why we have had consistent annual retention rates of more than 97%
  • And why 73% of our customers have been with us for more than 5 years!
  • We only called it a 'journal', because it's peer-reviewed, but we also wanted you to have fun, so once you get hold of it, you'll just want to keep reading
  • It contains quizzes, animations, printable patient leaflets, videos and links to all sorts of other interactive resources which quite literally bring what you're learning, to life.

"A journal in magazine clothing"

What's the Difference Between the Physical Therapy and the Manual Therapy Sections?

We think our customers say it best

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